Having thin eyelashes can be discouraging, embarrassing, and disappointing. With Latisse, however, you can finally have thick, dark, long lashes – and a boost of confidence. We can answer all your questions. Here’s some more information to help

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Latisse eye drops a unique tool that made a breakthrough in medicine and cosmetology. It has long been known that beautiful eyes especially emphasize the femininity and sexuality of the fairer sex. Therefore, scientists have developed a completely safe drug - Bimatoprost, which enhances the growth of eyelashes. Thus new lashes are not only longer, but also thicker, their density increases.

How Latisse works

The active principle of Latisse is Bimatoprost - the fatty acid, which is contained in small quantities in almost all the cells of our body.

After applying Latisse drops from hello-eyelashes.com, bimatoprost penetrates the hair follicles and stimulates blood supply, creating a type of nutrient medium for growth.

Typically, it takes several weeks to start seeing eyelash growth by stimulating the hair growth cycle, says Few. While you may see eyelashes sprouting in as early as one month, the most dramatic change won’t be visible until three to four months after you’ve started using Latisse.

Clinical studies conducted by Allergan show that after 4 months of use the eyelashes become 25% longer, 106% larger and 18% darker.

Unfortunately, in case of Allergan cancellation the lashes gradually return to the original volume - however, Latiss can be used regularly - no contraindications to this have been revealed.

How is the treatment applied?

Once every night, place one drop on the sterile applicator.
Apply it evenly to the skin of the upper eyelid margin at the base of the eyelashes.
Repeat the process on your other eye with a new sterile applicator.

It is important to never reuse applicators or to use any other brush or applicator with LATISSE.

In which cases is it recommended to use Latisse?

Indications for the use of Latisse Bimatoprost 0.03 are:

Be sure to check the supplier before you buy Latisse online. Further advantages are low price of Latisse generic, high level of service and fast shipping worldwide. Remember that the effect lasts only at a regular use of Bimatoprosr drops, so it's better to order several bottles at once.

Side Effects

There are numerous side effects of Latisse eye drop such as eye itching, dry eyes, redness of the eye, watery eyes, or eyelid redness, or swollen eyelids, ocular dryness, disturbance in vision, foreign body sensation, eye pain, cataract, eye discharge, tearing, allergic conjunctivitis, asthenia, increases in iris pigmentation, abnormal hair growth, iritic, infections, headaches, and etc.