With Parmac, professionalism is something that you can count on.  We are a brick and mortar call centre working to enhance your brand out of our Canadian facility.  Our agents and staff are highly trained skilled professionals who are passionate about building your business .


Our Agents

Trained specialists in lead generation and sales funnel management, our sales agents work exclusively out of our Call Centre in Oshawa, Ontario Canada; supervised by a front line Program Director to ensure your marketing campaign is being executed with both the attention to detail and professionalism you deserve and expect.


Our team members are skilled and knowledgeable Business Development Representatives who know exactly how to nurture a lead until it becomes a viable one.    Savvy in penetrating the switchboard and reaching the decision maker, Parmac agents are industry leaders in B2B lead generation profiling and appointment setting.



Communication is more than just speaking on the phone. Effective communication involves listening to a caller, digesting the content and conveying a response quickly and effectively.  We select agents who can speak clearly using basic, concise vocabulary and are able to discuss topics and products passionately.



Our agents are fast and efficient.  We understand the need behind effective communication.  Our agents are practiced and ready to deliver conversations clearly and concisely.  Scripts are always reviewed, and inbound calls directed to agents knowledgeable in the products and services that they are familiar with.


Friendly and Flexible 

Our agents are trained to handle many calls a day and are selected based on their ability to adapt to your program.  We realize that customers sometimes come with challenging personalities. Parmac agents are flexible and able to meet the needs of all callers, and can handle chatty customers one moment, and angry customers the next.  Most importantly, our agents are friendly, and consistently maintain a positive attitude.

They’re part of a fantastic, supportive team that works well under pressure and focuses on customer satisfaction!


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