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Parmac Relationship Management is a Full-Service Lead Generation Agency with an established reputation providing a wide range of business-to-business marketing services for over 25 years.

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25years of excellence

B2B Lead Generation Business to Business Services

We offer a wide range of Business to Business Lead Generation Marketing services: inbound and outbound calling, campaign design and management, appointment setting, guest registration, survey services; Parmac does it all expertly; tailoring our solutions to your business’ specific challenges, budget, goals, and target segments.

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Call Center Services Parmac is number one in customized Call Center solutions

Industry Focus

The most successful companies are those able to quickly identify new trends and sustainable markets.Parmac has worked within a broad range of industries from large Fortune500 companies to small independent businesses.

Quality Services

Parmac specializes in building sales pipelines in untapped markets. We complement your direct sales efforts by taking over your cold call prospecting so your sales people can do what they do best – spend time with hot prospects; closing sales.

Custom Solutions

We are a “boutique” direct marketing agency; delivering the attention to detail your marketing campaign deserves. We design and execute custom lead generation campaigns in close communication with you, paying close attention to your stakeholders, your goals, your budget, and your timeline.

Testimonials See what our clients have to say

Over the years, I have worked with Parmac on several different marketing campaigns from financial planning, business acquisition development, and relationship building with local accounting firms, to traditional lead generation for investment and financial planning. They have always been willing to customize whatever campaign task I had in mind, and their experience has kept me from wasting time and energy on ideas that just wouldn’t work.
The CG&B team has partnered with PARMAC, an outbound telemarketing firm, to assist in connecting with prospects in niche areas. The team is very pleased with the progress they’ve had to date and are proud to announce they’ve already secured an account with a premium of $136,000! This initiative was fully supported by the business, and (our) Senior Vice President, … was particularly excited about “the ability for the program to target and proactively seek new customers.” The team kicked things off in October 2011 with research on the current market, and quickly selected … target segments based on the current landscape of the industry; they predicted prospects in this area would most likely be more eager to seek assistance for their high risk management concerns or liability and commercial needs. … (Our) lead Producer (on this project), got things started by creating and providing a highly targeted list of prospects to PARMAC. PARMAC then hit the phones to collect details on expiry dates and appointment, and (we) … followed up with a phone call immediately after. As a result of their efforts, we’re very proud to announce a whopping 80 per cent of the targeted group have agreed to receive a quote from CG&B! … (We are) … currently quoting on additional PARMAC leads in (the near term) …. – stay tuned for more updates on this initiative.

Our AgentsWhat makes our staff amazing

Trained specialists in lead generation and sales funnel management, our sales agents work out of our call Centre in Oshawa Ontario Canada; supervised by a front line Program Director to ensure your marketing campaign is being executed with both the attention to detail and professionalism you deserve and expect.

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