Taking My Own (Lead Generation) Advice

By | September 7, 2012

Louise Parkes photoThis year Parmac celebrates our 20th anniversary in business. Looking back the world of marketing has changed dramatically.  When I started the business in 1992 I received dozens of calls every day and a fist full of phone messages to return. The fax machine was inundated with “work-from-home” scams and ads for products I did not want or need.  A cell phone was the size of a brick and almost as heavy. Personal computers were very expensive and the start of the adoption of the Internet for business was still a few years off but we were beginning to hear about the “information highway”.

In 2000 I left my business and entered elected office as a Municipal Councillor; I served the people of my community for 10 years until I returned to my business in 2010.  Everything had changed, the first day back I quietly sorted the unimportant from the urgent and returned emails until the imaginary coffee bell rang at 11 am. When I got up from my desk I realized the phone had not rung in 2 hours.  Every inquiry I received was by email.  I had hundreds per day to sort and prioritize. When the phone finally rang later that week I was delighted and eager to break my new business routine with some genuine human interaction!

Without a doubt the best way to break through the noise and distinguish your company is to employ an articulate, upbeat inside sales or marketing representative to call a well targeted prospect list. Their call will stand out because your competition is trying to reach the same prospect by email and various other channels.  Your call may well be the only sales phone call they receive that day. Who do you think they are going to remember?

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