Research Management

The data obtained as a bi-product of our social media applications allows for easy, inexpensive extrapolation of statistics required by advertisers.

Through interactive feedback, our CSR’s track and report both qualitative and quantitative data via their on-line interactions with your client, creating a virtual focus group at each point of contact.

Analysis of this data allows you to keep a constant finger on the pulse of your offering and allows any social media campaign to be fine tuned to enhance your Return On Investment.

Media Testing
Our marketing research tool PRIIYSM™ is a forum where advertisers can test market products and services.  Because of it’s placement on the internet, this product is the perfect tool for advertisers to test media content such as music, movies, video games, software, and other digital content.

Consulting projects undertaken with clients who wish to harness to power of Social Media to improve both their marketing communications programs, as well as their business procedures.

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