Lead Generation = New Niches For Smart Manufacturers!

Let Us Help You Uncover New Niches To Manufacturing Success!

We know that manufacturing has been experiencing significant change in recent years and, like Parmac, the most resilient and successful players are those able to quickly re-focus on new niche markets.  We also know that it may be challenging to get your sales team to divert attention from current customers.

woman smiling on phoneWe specialize in building sales in untapped markets.  We complement your direct sales efforts by taking over your time consuming, cold call prospecting so, your sales people can do what they do best – spend time with already qualified prospects, closing sales.  As you probably know, a commitment to regular prospecting is the single best way to keep your sales funnel full.  Whether for small, medium or large campaigns, Parmac will provide the same level of superior service and our 4 Call Process to get the job done.

  • We have 20 years experience working with a variety of industries on B2B selling, it’s part of our corporate DNA
  • We can scale a program to any marketing budget
  • Also, we can expand or contract (“tweak”) a program to maximize results
  • We ensure that no call will be wasted,
    1. We update contact lists
    2. Gather competitive data
    3. Forward leads for other/future product purchases
  • As mentioned above, your new target markets may be outside your current area of specialization, making access to them difficult.
  • Geography can also render potential new customers uneconomical for your Representatives to call on, making our approach to selling an attractive one.
  • As an added benefit, our service is also available when needed and with no direct ongoing costs of overhead to you.

A sampling of just some of our previous experience includes:

Lead Generation & Appointment Setting Up-Selling and Cross Selling Literature Fulfillment
Mail Order Response Database Cleaning and Updating Internet Response Follow up
Market Research and Surveys Promotional Message Delivery Catalogue Orders

Here’s our process:

  1. Develop your target market(s) – (Fill Your Funnel)
  2. Make contact on your behalf – (Separate REAL “Prospects” From “Suspects”)
  3. Resulting in hot leads for direct follow up by your sales team – (Product of Your Sales Funnel)

An outbound “Publishing Lead Generation Campaign” is more affordable than you think: contact us today for a no obligation consultation and start maximizing your selling time!

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