“Dog Days” of Summer

By | July 17, 2012

The summer weather has arrived with a vengeance here in Southern Ontario and it is, of course, a much anticipated and welcome development by most long suffering weather watchers in this part of North America.  However with the warmer weather, an added byproduct is that many businesses seem to go into “summer lull” mode as staff take holidays, summer hours are implemented, and other distractions take precedence.   With this especially warm weather so early in the season, what are also referred to as the “Dog Days” of summer seem to have arrived even earlier this year.

While we appreciate the change of seasons as much as any one, we are also in a business where we are continuously thinking about ours and our clients sales funnels and how to keep them full so that the key activity of on-going “suspect” filtering can continue to produce qualified “prospects” who ultimately become new customers.

sales funnel chartThe problem with going into “summer lull” mode and putting your lead generation activity on pause is that the prospecting funnel immediately begins to dry up.  This reality tends to have a very real impact on the new leads that will be available at the end of your normal prospecting cycle.  That cycle tends to have different average lengths for different businesses but suffice to say that many clients who decide to back off on their regular lead generation in July & August return to find a limited number of qualified leads available, if any, in early Fall.  Unfortunately then, at the time when we’re most ready to get back to work and fill the final quarter of the calendar year with productive effort, we return to an empty funnel that requires time and attention to be built back up.  As we know, this can seriously impact results in a negative way.

I’m curious if you have given this any thought and how you try to offset this problem.  As always, I would love to hear from you in the comments section below on this topic.


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