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Fall Into a Full Sales Funnel…..

What should you do with the undeniable and awesome surge of energy that comes with the crisp fall air?  Harness that energy and direct it into something great..something that will drive your business to the next level!  If you want to end Q4 with a big bang or implement strategy for real and measurable success… Read More »

CASL- Is your business ready?

     The Canadian Anti-Spam Legislation will be enforced July 1, 2014.  You may be thinking that your organization doesn’t send SPAM and so you will not be affected; however, this new legislation applies to any commercial electronic message (CEM) that would typically be considered regular electronic  business communications as SPAM. It is required under… Read More »

Never put all your Eggs in One basket

    I’m not a huge fan of clichés, in fact I find them to be especially dull and unimaginative, but we all know that clichés wouldn’t exist if there wasn’t a whole lot of truth behind their messages…. plus Easter is just around the corner, so the eggs and basket seemed to fit nicely.… Read More »

A Time of Renewal

Notwithstanding the mid-March snow storm raging outside my window as I write these words, recorded weather records assure us that winter will eventually draw to a close and spring will in fact, finally arrive.  Then, formerly dormant, but now colorful and vibrant, life will again remind us of the many cycles of nature and the… Read More »

Taking My Own (Lead Generation) Advice

This year Parmac celebrates our 20th anniversary in business. Looking back the world of marketing has changed dramatically.  When I started the business in 1992 I received dozens of calls every day and a fist full of phone messages to return. The fax machine was inundated with “work-from-home” scams and ads for products I did… Read More »

“Dog Days” of Summer

The summer weather has arrived with a vengeance here in Southern Ontario and it is, of course, a much anticipated and welcome development by most long suffering weather watchers in this part of North America.  However with the warmer weather, an added byproduct is that many businesses seem to go into “summer lull” mode as… Read More »