Taking My Own (Lead Generation) Advice

This year Parmac celebrates our 20th anniversary in business. Looking back the world of marketing has changed dramatically.  When I started the business in 1992 I received dozens of calls every day and a fist full of phone messages to return. The fax machine was inundated with “work-from-home” scams and ads for products I did… Read More »

“Dog Days” of Summer

The summer weather has arrived with a vengeance here in Southern Ontario and it is, of course, a much anticipated and welcome development by most long suffering weather watchers in this part of North America.  However with the warmer weather, an added byproduct is that many businesses seem to go into “summer lull” mode as… Read More »

Are Analogue Tactics Relevant In a Digital World?

The recent “Chart-of-the-Week” from Marketing Sherpa got me thinking.  This survey of over 1700 marketers “asked survey participants to indicate what they believed to be the top content marketing tactics to get their audience to engage”. I’m sure the activities highlighted above are all valid tactics employed by experts in marketing strategy and play an… Read More »