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At Home, with Parmac’s President Louise Parkes

Parmac’s founder and President, Louise Parkes was recently featured with her husband Darryl Sherman in an article of “East of the City” magazine.east of the city magazine cover

While the article’s focus is on Louise’s husband’s family business-Wilson Furniture here in Oshawa, it really provides a neat story, bringing readers into the home of our company President.  The Parmac team is not surprised by Louise and Darryl’s “unique and personal touches” and we knew collecting Canadian Art was a hobby of theirs, but it was pretty cool to learn more about our “boss” and the history and traditions in her home.




Happy Halloween!

Co-workers like these lovely ladies make all the difference to brighten the Halloween staff costumesmood and boost the morale in the workplace. We at Parmac Relationship Marketing would like to wish you a happy and safe Halloween! 

Fall Into a Full Sales Funnel…..

What should you do with the undeniable and awesome surge of energy that comes with the crisp fall air?  Harness that energy and direct it into somethingfall leaves on trees great..something that will drive your business to the next level!  If you want to end Q4 with a big bang or implement strategy for real and measurable success in your 2015 marketing plan, reach out to a B2B lead generation specialist…it works…we see it here everyday.

B2B lead generation is hands down, one of the best outbound marketing tools for increasing your visibility and developing relationships in your marketplace. No SEO or PPC plan beats the sound of a warm, knowledgeable voice to generate interest and qualify leads to fill a sales funnel.  It’s important to utilize the perks of new technology and of course note the success that well designed inbound marketing strategies bring, but keep in mind that ‘kickin’ it old school’, and reaching out to prospects with a phone call is the most personable and differentiated approach…and just like Thanksgiving turkey or pumpkin spice latte…it’s back…though it’s always been the way to increased sales volumes here at Parmac.

If you have any questions about how Parmac Relationship Marketing can help you fill your sales funnel, qualify leads and build relationships with your prospects, I would be happy to help! Feel free to contact me:   905-404-8007 x-206




CASL- Is your business ready?

Canada Flaganti spam logo

     The Canadian Anti-Spam Legislation will be enforced July 1, 2014.  You may be thinking that your organization doesn’t send SPAM and so you will not be affected; however, this new legislation applies to any commercial electronic message (CEM) that would typically be considered regular electronic  business communications as SPAM.

It is required under this legislation that organizations and individuals who send CEMs (email, text, voice or images of which would be reasonable to interpret has, as one of it’s purposes, to encourage the recipient to participate in commercial activity) must first obtain expressed consent by the recipient to do so.  Corporations can face fines up to $10,000,000 and individuals $1,000,000 for continued sending of CEMs without record of obtaining the recipients expressed consent.  It is also required that in addition to a record of the recipient to “opt in”, the sender must provide an unsubcribe or “opt out” mechanism with each message, as well as provide identification of the sender(s).

Many organizations are scrambling; sending email blasts to contacts in their contact lists requesting their consent before the July 1,2014 deadline, but what will they do after this date in order to stay in compliance?

If record of a business relationship exists between the recipient of CEMs  and the sender-the consent is considered to be implied, and the sender is allowed a grace period of 3 years (until July 1, 2017) to obtain and record expressed consent, but there are still a few very important details to be aware of:

  • Marketing to all new prospects by email after July 1, 2014 is a clear violation of the legislation
  • If the contact has not become a client of the sender within 6 months, the implied consent is then invalid
  • If the existing client is inactive from purchasing or subscription or account renewal in 2 years-the implied consent is also no longer valid

Now here’s the kicker………….

  • In order for consent to be obtained orally (over the phone), it must be verified by an independent third party or involve an investment in call recording technology to be considered sufficient by CRTC.

This is where we can help.  Parmac Relationship Marketing can obtain and record expressed consent on your behalf.  We will obtain consent from prospects who are not yet clients as well as existing clients which fall under the implied consent category to ensure you have obtained the required expressed consent before the grace period ends or the implied consent becomes invalid.

Let Parmac Relationship Marketing handle your CASL compliance concerns so that you can maintain momentum and focus on the core of your business because helping other businesses is the core of ours.

Questions? Call us!      888-771-7622-toll free 905-404-8007 x206-local

Government links for more information:

Canada’s Anti-Spam Legislation

Canadian Radio-Television and Telecommunications Commission

Never put all your Eggs in One basket


Golden Eggs


I’m not a huge fan of clichés, in fact I find them to be especially dull and unimaginative, but we all know that clichés wouldn’t exist if there wasn’t a whole lot of truth behind their messages…. plus Easter is just around the corner, so the eggs and basket seemed to fit nicely.

I have several discussions daily, not only with small to medium sized Business Owners, but also with Sales and Marketing Executives of sizable companies, and I am always a little thrown off by a company’s commitment to a one dimensional, virtually immeasurable sales and marketing plan. In truth, some businesses don’t even have a plan, never mind a measurable one. Can you imagine living in the business land of unicorns and rainbows, where believing that a shotgun approach in advertising with posters and flyers (sent to a random audience) would be all that your business needed to produce sales or drive growth and revenue?

Marketing campaigns used to be considered an expense and not a priority for budget, but smart companies with growth and leverage in mind now consider marketing dollars as a sound INVESTMENT and use every angle they can to fill their sales pipelines (more baskets), as well as target and reach new markets alongside measuring their success and ROI. Successful companies have a powerful desire to grow; moreover, they are capable of seeing the payback of proactive B2B lead generation, revenue generating programs.

Leveraging your current digital marketing strategy (provided that you have one) with the addition of a customized program with a reputable and client focused B2B lead generation company, really allows a 360 approach to increasing sales volumes. Why cover 180 or even 270 degrees around the pie, if you can maximize your competitive industry advantage with the full 360? Is it time for you to add another “basket” to your marketing mix? Collaborating with conversant, sales driven professionals, who are very mindful of the obvious benefits to using specialists for increasing B2B lead generation and creating more of a strategic understanding of their marketplace, is truly refreshing…if you fit this description, no matter what your industry focus, I would love to hear from you.
Sincerely yours,

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Feeling Welcome!


Back to Parmac Relationship Marketing in a new and exciting role this past January… 3 months in and I am feeling pretty awesome about the potential here!  As Business Development Manager, I have been warmly welcomed by both the Management and Customer Service staff to maneuver my ideas for increase in market channels, driving change, and implementing new growth strategies for this amazing 22 year old lead gen company.  With the support of my team, I have been actively harnessing the critical space between marketing and sales, creating potential to drive revenue and build new relationships.   Looking for a trusted lead generation partner?  Let us be your outsourced inside sales team.   Focus on the core of your own business, because lead generation is the core of ours!  Contact me to discuss how we can help you introduce your business to new markets and increase sales volumes….I can’t wait to hear from you!

Liz WilliamsSincerely yours,


Liz Williams

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