A Time of Renewal

By | March 14, 2014

spring flowersNotwithstanding the mid-March snow storm raging outside my window as I write these words, recorded weather records assure us that winter will eventually draw to a close and spring will in fact, finally arrive.  Then, formerly dormant, but now colorful and vibrant, life will again remind us of the many cycles of nature and the promise of renewal.

Speaking of cycles, every business has a unique sales cycle too.  It is human nature to “do things the way we’ve always done them”.  But, we have rarely (if ever) seen a sales process that could not benefit from an objective, fresh approach.  Like a frozen, windblown field in winter time, every sales funnel can get stale and lifeless.  At Parmac for more than twenty-one years now, renewing our customer’s sales funnel is all we do.

There is a lot of noise today confronting marketers about the latest and greatest holistic, digital (not to  mention expensive) solution to our B2B marketing woes.  But every day of the week, over and over again, our  well-trained and effective customer ambassadors are landing appointments and/or otherwise, generating  revenue for our business clients, who are probably a lot like you.

Here are two examples:

  •  Commercial Business Insurance Lead Generation makes up an important percentage of our business.  In total  for our top 10 insurance broker customers over the past year, we have delivered the following results:
    • # of dials – 105,576
    • # of prospect presentations – 16,238
    • # of leads – 5,319


  • Another significant service category for Parmac is Event Marketing.  Our largest customer in this category runs a significant national event in the spring every year and we have delivered successful results consistently for the past eight years for this event, along with several smaller events that they run.  Their national event program is actually under way now.  We project comparable results this year, but here are the key results delivered by Parmac for this customer’s 2013 National Conference:
    • # of dials – 10,733
    • # of registrations generated – 591
    • # of registration dollars generated – $142,442.00

At Parmac, we have always understood that ensuring our customer gains an attractive return on their lead generation investment (ROI) is the single most important key to successful relationships.  That is one reason why our name is “Parmac RELATIONSHIP Marketing”.  If you find these results compelling and would like to find out more about how Parmac could renew your sales funnel (& process) this spring or anytime in the future, do not hesitate.  Please use the comment section below (or send an eMail to info@parmacmarketing.com) to ask questions or provide your insight into this topic.  I would love to hear from you.

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